The Private SMP is a Survival Minecraft Java Edition server with a friendly and welcoming community! We strive to provide a user experience that is not pay-to-win. Join the server and experience a new and refreshing semi-vanilla survival adventure!


Connect to the Private SMP by loading up Minecraft Release Version 1.16.5 and connected to


No Spamming in chat.

Sending the same message in chat too frequently, flooding chat, or using an excessive amount of special characters or letters are all examples of spam.  This includes spamming someone with private messaging.

Do not Chargeback.

Chargebacking any purchases from our store will result in an permanent ban.

Do not scam other players.

Scamming in any form is prohibited. Tricking a player out of a deal by failing to fulfill your end of the bargain. Scamming entails renaming items to something they aren't and selling them.

No Griefing or Stealing.

Destroying or damaging someone's build is not allowed. This includes r preventing someone from expanding their claim. Lava casting with this intent is not allowed.

Do not use exploits or abuse a bug/glitch.

Using a bug or glitch to benefit you in any way is strictly forbidden. All bugs found must be reported to a staff member.

No creating lag machines or anything that would lag or crash the server.

This includes any spamming or entity dropping. Any massive redstone structures that cause the server or other players to lag will be removed.